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Consulting Process

Our specialized consultants work with clients to tackle challenges in Transactions and Restructuring Performance, Quality Service Management, Business Planning, Business Process Re-engineering and risk and compliance management.  

Employment Practices Assessment Program

The main aim of this intervention is to align these with the various labour relations acts. Doing so minimises the risk of unnecessary and time wasteful litigation often the result of poor employment practices and processes.

Business Branding

We help you create a competitive brand and help you roll out your corporate identity through various media below and through the line. Your marketing paraphernalia is tailored to help promote your brand and sell your products. Our Associate Business, The Business Zone 1203 CC are experts in this field.  

Online: Domain Hosting & WebSite Management

We help develop your online presence through structured domain hosting, website optimisation, and run your online advertising campaigns. Our Associate Business, Scearpsoft Online are experts in this field.

Internet Communications

We can introduce your business to Voice over IP, voice messaging, online faxing, Internet call waiting, and call forwarding to improve your business performance.

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